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92: Unlocking fulfilment at work with Bev Attfield
11th February 2022 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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"As an organisation, you've got to make a decision, that your tone, your character, your commitment, comes out in all sorts of different ways, not just in the behaviours of leaders." – Bev Attfield. Joining Aoife this week is special guest Bev Attfield. Bev had the wonderful title of 'Principle of Workplace Science' at Jostle and hosted the People at Work podcast. Since the time of recording, Bev has become a Partner at Within People. Specialising in the human experience at work, Bev is a wealth of knowledge and shares many valuable tips and insights on how organisations can maintain employee satisfaction by creating an environment of psychological safety and a thriving workplace culture. Throughout the discussion, Bev reflects on how businesses have had to adapt to a startling new reality due to the Covid-19 pandemic and delves into the new realm of communicating and working remotely. Bev highlights the importance of keeping in line with organisational values and reveals the key to unlocking fulfilment at work. Key points covered throughout include: - An introduction to Bev Attfield. - What are the emotional drivers of an employee? - The great re-prioritisation. - Adapting to change and finding happiness at work. - The impact of Covid-19 on businesses. - Workplace active listening: the time for understanding and change is now. - Women in the workplace. - How to support workplace equality. - Creating and maintaining a living workplace culture. - An insight into Jostle. - Maintaining human connection in a remote world. - The importance of psychological safety at work. - Why employee communication is vital. - What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous communication? - The concept of working out loud. - Managing flexibility at work. - What makes Bev Happier at Work. LISTEN BACK: You can listen back to Bev and Aoife's "Changing perspective to be happier at work" discussion from the People at Work podcast here: Connect with Bev Attfield: I believe people are happiest at work when they’re supported in their life and work. When they’re surrounded by kindness and feel encouraged to explore, create, and belong at work. That’s why my mission is to evolve leader thinking and organizational structures to produce incredible experiences and supportive environments for humans in the workplace. A once-in-century opportunity to reimagine work is here, now. I’m privileged to have a hand in shaping what this looks and feels like, for the good of all at work. My effort at Within helps me achieve my own ideal state of work-life, while discovering new people-centric ways forward with each of my clients. Within People is a global partnership of business strategists and coaches who are building a new model for growth in the 21st century. We believe it’s one where people are the most important asset, so unleashing their full potential is what unlocks growth. The Within Way® is how we help our clients grow - and how we grow our own partnership. We are what we do, and our structure and business model is a reflection of the vision we have for 21st century business. That's why I'm so excited to apply my knowledge and passion to this collective of strategic thinkers and doers. I'm a regular writer on workplace matters and have hosted over 100 leader conversations as host of the People at Work podcast. Jostle's Blog: People at Work Podcast: Connect with Happier at Work host Aoife O'Brien:




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