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Pod 177: Jules de Jongh as Atlanta Shore
Episode 1771st November 2021 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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THIS WEEK: Jules de Jongh discusses the underrated New Captain Scarlet, playing Harmony Angel, and overcoming obstacles in the production process. Moving to the present day, she talks about filling Lois Maxwell's shoes by voicing Atlanta in the new Stingray audio adventures Operation Icecap and (coming soon) Monster from the Deep! This episode is also packed with joyful and heartfelt tributes to the recently departed Denise Bryer. So, join us, won't you? For the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

01:07 It's the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

4:38 FAB Facts

13:00 The Podsteron Facebook Group!

17:20 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

24:50 Missives from the Podsterons and tributes to Denise Bryer

32:39 Jules de Jongh - Part Two

55:25 Comments from our YouTube channel!

1:00:45 Chris Dale and the Randomiser salute Denise Bryer

1:24:13 Wrapping things up!

Links Mentioned

Jules de Jongh Official Site and on Social Media @julesvoices

Tales and Tea with Nanny Bea

Denise Bryer 1928-2021

UFO Comic Anthology: Volume 1

Thunderbirds International Rescue Agents Notebook

Eagle Transporter - Kitbrix Construction Set

Fireflash: Century 21 Tech Talk

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