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The One With The Q&A - About Me
Episode 128th June 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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You asked and I answered…  Today, it’s me in the hot seat answering your questions! Talking about my life as a SBL, my journey to SBL coach, supporter and champion and everything in between…

Here’s to 10% braver!

The episode at a glance:

[0:41] – Had I not gone into education, what would my career have been and why? I tell you about my ‘almost’ careers and why surprisingly, I’m not too far away from them!

[1:47] – How did I become a SBM? I explain my roundabout route into the role and why it was definitely not part of my plan…

[3:00] – What was my favourite thing about being a SBM? So many things… I have a list (of course!)  

[3:52] – What made me decide to come out of schools? I talk through my education career path and how that led me to where I am now.

[5:50] – How do I keep current now I’m not working in a school? Hint: it involves doing something I absolutely love to do!

[7:18] – Do I have a special talent or party trick? I reveal a couple of random skills… one useful, one not so much!

[8:15] – What is my favourite ever conference or training experience? I tell all about how I ended up speaking at my first conference… by accident! 

[12:10] – What is the coolest project I’ve ever worked on? I share my thoughts on project dynamics.

[12:53] – Advice for new or aspiring SBMs? I talk about why the world of education can be a strange place and how you can feel at home more quickly.

[13:26] – What area of the SBM role did I struggle with most? I talk about why this area was a struggle and where the ‘mental block’ came from…

[14:04] – What is the one thing I wish I had learnt sooner? Hindsight is a wonderful thing and hopefully, mine can help you!

[15:40] – What is my favourite Friends moment? I epicly fail to narrow it down… but I do have a shortlist!

[16:17] – How do we keep resilience going as SBLs? I talk about SBL CPD and the power of the SBL community.

[18:24] – What advice would I give someone who is at crisis point? I explain what you should (and shouldn’t) do…

[19:47] – If I could coach anybody, who would I choose to coach and what would I try and help them to do?  Officially the hardest question.

[20:21] – What is the bravest thing I’ve ever done? I talk about how composure and 10% braver have been critical tools for me.

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