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Episode 375 – Putting Fire to Podcasts in the Grishaverse
Episode 3759th May 2022 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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Fying solo this week with SeanGeek. What is Blogger and why we have one? We talk all about websites, landing sites, and that perfect Podcast Hosting company we all miss called Podiant. There would be no SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast without Meet The Geeks and why we all still owe a complete debt to Corey Toews and his creation and how it lives on in all of us.

Snake oil salespeople have never gone away. They used to be barking out from the side of a travelling wagon, skipping from town to town, shilling and making people believe mis-truths. They are hidden in terrestrial radio, record labels, get rich podcasting schemes, fad diets, and even the great Adam Levine works for them. What would Happy Harry Hardon have to say. Maybe it’s time he is broken out from his incarceration to shout from the mountains and expose them all. Or at least maybe SeanGeek here can throw a little shade on them.

What am I reading and what is on the docket? I just finished 5 books from Leigh Bardugo in her Grishaverse series. What did I think about it and what do I think about Leigh’s worldbuilding? I have also picked up Heart’s On Fire by Michael Barclay and I cannot wait to dive in.

Leigh Bardugo:

Michael Barclay’s Hearts On Fire:


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