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Eel special: 3. The Plight of the Eel with Andrew Kerr
Episode 629th August 2021 • The British Food History Podcast • Neil Buttery
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In part 3 of his Eel special, Neil looks at the more recent history of the eel, focussing upon the conservation of our new favourite slimy fish. In this episode Neil talks to his guest this week Andrew Kerr of the Sustainable Eel Group about the loss of the eels’ habitat, the success of the elver rewilding programme, how the SEG help adult eels find their way back to the Sargasso Sea, why elver trafficking is the biggest wildlife crime in history, and how Brexit may mess up the conservation effort.

Useful things:

Andrew’s twitter handle @SEGandrewK

The Sustainable Eel Group’s website:

Neil’s blog post about the paradox of why eating elvers could save them:

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