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E193 | What it Takes to Build an Organisation’s Culture with James L Heskett
Episode 1933rd May 2022 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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Do your employees love your business? asks James L Heskett, UPS Foundation Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School and author of Win from Within. Because if your employees don’t love your company, your customers won’t love it either. 

In Win from Within, James argues about the importance of building organisational culture for competitive advantage. Having spent 30 years on this journey, his latest book is about busting myths and shattering beliefs around what it takes to build an organisation's culture. 

Why is your company culture so important? Because, argues James, if you need to attract customers, then you need to have great employees. And to attract great employees, you need to have a great environment that encourages them to come join you and to stay the course. 

In fact, the most amazingly successful businesses, says James, are those who have at their heart the trifecta of employee engagement, customer engagement, and sales, growth and profit levels for the investor. 

Does yours? 

To find out more, download and listen to this episode today. 

On today’s podcast:

  • The obsession with culture
  • Win from Within
  • The four steps to hire great employees
  • It doesn’t take long to change culture
  • The problem with the hybrid work model