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Betrayed With a Kiss
6th March 2011 • Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie • Eric Ludy
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WARNING: This message pulls no punches. It speaks straightforwardly on a topic that most of us would rather avoid—and that is wolves in sheep's clothing in the modern church. There are wolves in the sheep pen of modern Christianity undermining the timeless, eternal truths of Scripture and thus altering the nature and the pattern of the Gospel. But these wolves don't look like wolves; they are wearing very convincing sheep costumes. They appear to be humble and wise men, with spectacles roosted on the ends of their noses. They appear to be cordial men, kind and thoughtful. It's their fruit that exposes them. For they have one singular question that they are asking the body of Christ today: "Did God really say that? Are you certain? Could it be that you have it wrong?" They are proffering the notion of an "open mind"—a mind more tolerant to new religious thought—a mind hospitable to ideas outside the pale of the Biblical framework. 6,000 years ago this was the tactic of the serpent in the garden, and it's still the serpent's primary tactic today.



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