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Monsterverse Movies, One Piece (2023), Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Alex de la Iglesia Filmography Pt 2, Winter 2023 Anime Season and More
Episode 4825th September 2023 • Screaming Through the Ages Horror Podcast • Trey Whetstone
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Welcome to The Screaming Chronicles where I delve into different topics on every episode including video games, anime, movies, Tokusatsu and TV. In this episode I cover the four Godzilla and Kong films from the Legendary Monsterverse, review two video games with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Trails to Azure and continue my Alex de le Iglesia Filmography with Common Wealth and 800 Bullets. I also have mini reviews of Bandidos and Netflix's Live Action One Piece series and continue my anime seasonal reviews with the Winter 2023 season.

00:01:20 Intro

00:04:28 Legendary Monsterverse Reviews

00:44:54 Jedi Survivor Review

01:04:32 Trails to Azure Review

01:17:23 Screaming Off the Shelves: Bandidos

01:27:54 Winter Anime 2023 Season Review

02:06:58 Ad Break

02:08:26 Netflix's One Piece

02:26:16 Alex de la Iglesia Filmography: Common Wealth and 800 Bullets

02:48:00 Closing

Music Credits:

Mothra's Song by Bear McCreary

The Undercity from Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

You Die...But I Live by Egisto Macchi

In/Spectre 2 Opening - Yotogibanashi by KanoeRana

The Reincarnation of the World's Strongest Exorcist Opening - Reconnection by Angela

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