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Reciprocal Care Model and Optimism in Aged Care - Anna Donaldson (Lively)
Episode 39th February 2021 • ACE - Aged Care Enrichment • SilVR Adventures Pty Ltd
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Today's guest is Anna Donaldson.

Anna is the Founder and CEO of Lively, a not for profit organisation that employs young people to provide care and companionship to older people.

Anna has been developing Lively for 5 years now which has recently launched it’s home care platform, and it’s built on the idea that the care can be a two way relationship between the helper and recipient, where both parties are contributing and receiving value. As you’ll hear she’s extremely positive and passionate about the future of our industry.

In this conversation we talk about the reciprocal care model that Lively is based on, how to engage more young people in care work and the place of optimism in aged care.

For more information about Lively, please visit:

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