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Hire Diverse Talent or Risk Going Out of Business Featuring Equity Machine Works Founder Justin Sherman
Episode 727th December 2021 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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Justin Sherman grew up in the shadow of one of Boeing’s largest manufacturing facilities in Everett, WA. However, it wasn’t until he started his career that he was exposed to the realities of manufacturing careers, including the lack of diverse talent in this field.

Now, as the Founder of Equity Machine Works SPC – a social enterprise committed to creating opportunity through support, training, and employment for disadvantaged populations – he’s helping to level the playing field.

In this episode, Justin explains the importance of attracting diverse and young talent to the manufacturing field as a whole. We hear about the limitations that come with a lack of diversity in the field, and actual statistics that prove there’s a skill gap that needs to be filled. He also shares tips on how to foster a diverse talent-friendly work environment and to eventually become part of the change.

In this episode, find out:

  • What diversity means in this context
  • Why diversity is vital to the survival of businesses in the manufacturing industry
  • Ways to ensure diversity thrives within the field
  • How organizational culture attracts diverse and upcoming talent
  • Why embracing hybrid business models is beneficial
  • What characterizes a workplace that’s ready for diverse talent

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Tweetable Quotes:

  • "Compensation is not only about money it's thoughtful provisions and subsidies.”
  • "Taking a person-centric approach doesn’t only make work-life more functional, it gives access to more talent.”
  • “Looking at skilled positions like machinists and welders, both of them are about 95% male.”

Links & mentions:

  • Equity Machine Works, a social enterprise operating as a manufacturing organization with the aim of bridging the skills gap within the industry and providing sustainable diversity practices
  • Orion Industries, a non-profit social enterprise that provides vocational services and employment to individuals with barriers to employment
  • Skills Inc., a self-supporting company offering a wide range of manufacturing jobs to people of all abilities
  • Hiring for Diversity, by Arthur Woods
  • Pioneer Industries Manufacturing, a social enterprise specializing in aerospace part production
  • Quinn’s Pub, a hip gastropub located in Seattle, WA

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