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Penn's Woods
Episode 723rd January 2018 • Turning the Tide, Saving the Chesapeake Bay • Chesapeake Bay Foundation
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CBF President Will Baker talks with Bill Chain, CBF’s Senior Agriculture Program Manager in Pennsylvania, about the role of trees in cleaner water in Pennsylvania streams and the Bay.

Program Notes:

01:50  How a 20-year farmer and educator ended up as Senior Agriculture Program Manager at CBF. 04:37  What role trees, where they are, and how they're placed has in improving water quality in Pennsylvania and down stream. 10:21  What is a forested riparian buffer? 12:26  Other ways trees benefit streams besides pollution reduction. 17:30  Why it's important for farmers to keep cows out of streams (besides the obvious). 20:00  Education and CBF in Pennsylvania.

Check out some of the ways CBF is helping farmers implement stream buffers and other water quality efforts in Pennsylvania on our website.

Photo credit: BJ Small/CBF Staff