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Jack Gets Revenge at Last [Season 9, Episodes 9-12]
Episode 12110th May 2021 • 24 Faithful Podcast • Joshua Rivers
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Key plot:

Jack takes down Margot

  • Ian sees through Chloe’s deception and realizes Heller is still alive, so Margot decides to attack Waterloo Station
  • Jack tracks down Margot and saves the station, then throws her out of a window

Steve the traitor

  • Jordan’s death becomes knowledge of the police and latterly the CIA
  • Jack has the hitman identified as a former covert ops assassin who once reported to Navarro
  • Navarro takes off and leaves the override device for Adrian Cross, who betrays him and Navarro is caught
  • To get the tracker code Kate and Jack perform a ruse where Kate threatens to kill Navarro, and it works

Cheng returns

  • Adrian decides he wants to use the override device to let every country expose holes in the defenses of every other country
  • Originally he designed the device for Cheng who returns and kills all of Open Cell’s members
  • Chloe reconfigures the device for him, he kills Adrian, and then gives a fake order to a US sub to sink a Chinese carrier ship

Jack’s Revenge at the Docks: Part 2

  • Cheng has a sniper on Audrey after she went to a contact who could push the US case that it wasn’t them who gave the order on the Chinese carrier
  • Kate goes to save Audrey and kills the sniper, but as they’re leaving a second shooter arrives and Audrey is shot and killed
  • Jack goes after Cheng at Southampton Docks and is strategic in his assault until Chloe loses her feed and communications and Kate tells him about Audrey
  • Jack goes on a rampage and kills all of Cheng’s men, capturing Cheng and then beheading him after providing CIA with the proof he’s alive

Ending (again)

  • Kate leaves the CIA, Mark is prepped for transport back to the US where he faces treason charges, Heller laments his fading memory as he boards a plane with Audrey’s body
  • Chloe was kidnapped by the Russians from the docks and Jack agrees to a trade: her return for his capture
  • Chloe is safe and Jack is taken away by helicopter to face punishment for his acts in season 8