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Next-Level Real Estate Techniques to Revolutionize Your Investment Portfolio with Josiah Smelser
Episode 5227th May 2024 • Truly Passive Income • Truly Passive LLC
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Unlock the secrets to transforming your financial destiny as we explore actionable strategies for leveraging properties for maximum profit and innovative ways to optimize your investment portfolio for greater returns. If you're seeking to elevate your investment game and achieve financial independence, this episode with Josiah Smelser is perfect for learning how to navigate the complexities of the real estate market.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [02:18] Initial steps and challenges in real estate investment and how to solve them
  • [08:19] Strategic shifts from traditional rentals to high-yield vacation properties
  • [14:30] The logistics and benefits of managing properties with a focused, in-house team
  • [26:17] The future of investing and the potential shift toward syndication
  • [44:17] How to manage substantial equity and the considerations for repositioning assets

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About Josiah Smelser

Josiah is a financially independent real estate investor and former college finance professor with 20 years of investing experience. He is dedicated to equipping people with the tools to achieve financial independence, build wealth, and live life on their own terms. His mission is to help a million people break free from bad debt, invest in real estate, achieve financial independence, and do meaningful work while giving back to help others.

Josiah's expertise includes wealth building, real estate investing, personal finance, budgeting, eliminating bad debt, entrepreneurship, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

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