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Fresh Express India & Beanstalk Global – Promoting Amazing Indian Fresh Produce Globally!
Episode 8111th November 2021 • Beanstalk Global • Max MacGillivray
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Two businesses have come together to create a unique Broadcast series to promote Indian Fresh Produce and Fresh Foods to an International audience. Welcome to the first of an ongoing series with Fresh Express India and Beanstalk Global.

Fresh Express export and promote Indian Fresh Produce, specifically Table Grapes and Natural Sun-Dried Raisins, grown on their own and partner farms with 700+ small farmers. They have been marketing fresh produce from India across the Globe successfully for the last 27 years.

Nina Patil – Director at Fresh Express, is a multi-talented and multi-faceted personality and takes a very keen interest in farming and lives by the belief quality of a product is shaped by its growing practices. Nina ensures certifications like GLOBALGAP and BSCI are implemented in spirit and action on an ongoing basis, every step of the way. She will be a key co-host on the Indian Broadcasts with Max MacGillivray Editor in Chief of Beanstalk Global.

On our first Broadcast, we have the privilege of being joined by Nina and Detlev Grimmelt who is the Managing Director of FAIRTRADE in Germany. He has held the position since 2011 and is highly respected internationally for the work that he and his team conducts. Fresh Express had the pleasure of hosting him in India in 2019 where he met FAIRTRADE farmers and saw the positive impact of FAIRTRADE and the excellent results on farm. FAIRTRADE in Germany also celebrates its 30th year anniversary in 2022 and we are all very keen to hear of the achievement to date of Detlev and his team!




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