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The Perils of Patriarchal Spirituality and the Illusion of the Enlightened Man
Episode 1419th April 2023 • The Enrealment Hour • Jeff Brown
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In this engaging conversation, Jeff Brown and Gavi Strauss critically review and examine patriarchal spirituality, discuss the meaningful distinction between a sky-down and feet-up spirituality, differentiate self-avoidant versions of awakening from self-honoring versions, clarify how it is that one can alchemize their localized and expansive threads of consciousness into one purposeful form, and lay down some of the tracks for an Enrealment Method that begins deep within the healing and development of the self, and that moves outward, and inward from there. In an enrealed world, we will no longer Godjectify and glorify so-called holy men like the Dalai Lama. We will be too busy living our spirituality as humanness to waste our time pretending that there is such a thing as an enlightened master. There isn't. It's a delusion forged in the fires of patriarchal ambition and dissociation.

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