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Episode 22: "Can You Handle My Healing?" How the Storms We Endure Reveal the Lies We Believe and the Truths We Need w/ Susie Larson
2nd March 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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"Can you handle it if I heal you?" Susie Larson felt the Lord speaking this to her when she asked for healing from Lyme disease. This led to her considering whether she had "infrastructure for healing," or in other words, if she was ready to think like someone who isn't always sick.

Trauma in her childhood caused her to pass on an invite to hang out with some boys. This indirectly led her to embracing a genuine faith in God, in her words, "Getting into heaven on a technicality." We can't explain it, you'll just have to listen :)

As an adult, Susie struggled with various illnesses that would often manifest at the most inopportune times - like when she's about to speak to thousands of people who think she is the picture of health.

At this point in her walk of faith, she "gets it." Illness and disease are evidence of a fallen world, signs of our mortality. Whether we indulge in self-pity and other hindrances to our faith is our decision.

In this interview with Susie Larson, you'll hear:

-When the promises of God seem to be revoked...3:15

-Balancing faith with patience in God fulfilling his promises in His time...5:40

-Changing the mindset regarding her health...7:30

-Hindrances in the soul to the healing process...8:45

-Our body hears what we think..12:20

-Faith in God is more important than riches....14:45

-Don't succumb to the parasite called Self-Pity...18:15

-The moment God became real to Susie...26:00

-15 minutes per day to affirm God's love for us...31:05

-The driving force that keeps Susie going...35:30

-The one thing that sums up Susie's life and ministry...39:45

About the guest:

Susie Larson is a talk radio host, national speaker, and bestselling author. In both 2016 and 2017 Susie was nominated and voted into the top ten groups for the National John Maxwell Leadership Award. Susie has been married to her dear husband Kevin since 1985 and together they have three wonderful sons, three beautiful daughters-in-law, two beautiful grandchildren, and one adorable pit bull named Memphis. Susie’s passion is to see women everywhere awakened to the value of their soul, the depth of God’s love, and the height of their calling in Christ Jesus.

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