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Ep. 94 Photographer at 13 to Selling 500M Ear Plugs Worldwide to Consumer Product Leader, Doug Pick, Founder & CEO, DAP Ventures
Episode 949th February 2023 • Investors & Operators • 51 Labs
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On this episode of Investors & Operators, Jordan sits down with Doug Pick, Founder & CEO, DAP Ventures. Together, they discuss:

  • How Doug went from a photographer for Motley Crue at 13, to getting into an industry he basically had no knowledge of, to distributing 500M state of art ear plugs worldwide through known brand stores 
  • Riding the market tides of manufacturing consumer products 
  • Advice he had for entrepreneurs interested in selling 

...and so much more.


For 26 years, Doug Pick lived the American dream as the CEO of a leading vertically integrated consumer packaged goods (CPG) company. Having successfully exited, he’s now thrilled to be able to apply his experience, expertise and network to help others turn their dreams into reality.




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