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Episode 30 – with special guest, Angus Nelson: “It’s time to define who you are and where you are going.”
14th November 2016 • Your Blessed Life • Jay Maresh
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In this episode Angus will challenge you to step out in faith, face your fears, and watch new and exciting opportunities present themselves before your very eyes.

Meet Angus Nelson; husband, father, author, speaker, podcast host and executive coach.

– What does rest have to do with trusting God?

– How does trusting God show that you are mighty on His behalf?

– Why you are not alone and not exempt from hope.

– How to define who you are and where you want to be.

Matthew 11:28-30….How to find rest for your soul.

Angus Podcast, “Up in your Business.”

Free E-Book on ‘Networking” from Angus.

Angus book, “Loves Compass.”

Book recommended by Angus, “Wild at Heart” by John Eldridge