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Interview with Sonic Branding Strategist & CEO of Pirate Group Inc., Tom Eymundson - Part 2
Episode 7812th May 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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This is the second part of my interview with Tom Eymundson. This part dives in deeper to the bigger necessity of having an audio brand. This audio brand is the connective tissue to your customers. Tom really lays out for us how important an audio brand is as we move into this next decade.

We discuss:

  • The brands Tom has worked with that really stuck out to him
  • His big brand collaborations- Koodo, Porter Airlines
  • The way that Porter Airlines has used a champagne flute ping in their audio branding
  • The piece of jazz Porter Airlines acquired and where Porter plays their sonic branding (on commercials and when you get on their airplanes)
  • Cobranding with different pieces of audio
  • The difference between sonic branding and a piece of music
  • The danger of leveraging someone else’s music to tap into an emotional connection with your audience
  • Branding being an even more important piece of business as more startups are being created
  • How businesses are being judged on their audio branding now more than ever
  • The NEED for connecting with your customers as a business
  • Brands creating their own mix tapes to connect with their customers
  • Sound as a key component to expressing the quality of your brand
  • The upcoming need of becoming more and more sound proficient as a brand
  • How one company is using dynamic music in a phone app
  • Mastercard’s new audio soundscape and adding in a sound for your transactions online
  • Moving toward having companies create transactional sounds and partnerships between companies
  • The time it takes for something in audio to become memorable
  • Tom’s current project - doing phase 3 of testing with a lottery company
  • All the backend that has to happen for audio branding to be done well
  • The cost of creating a really great audio brand
  • Using a piece of music versus a human voice
  • Marketing and explaining to companies how important an audio brand can be
  • The longevity of an audio brand
  • McDonald’s success with their audio brand
  • How audio branding is your handshake on the way out the door


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