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(EN) New markets emerge during Covid-19
21st April 2021 • Agile Marketing with Adrie Dolman • Adrie Dolman
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New markets emerge during Covid-19

In the Netherlands they can often adapt to the new reality as fast as the wind. This was also the case when Covid-19 changed the rules of the game. Adrie interviewed the innovation manager of construction company VORM about their Corona beeper, which allowed employees to continue working safely on the construction site. With great success, because suddenly the telephone was ringing off the hook and many more companies wanted to use this new product development. About a product development and launch in a few weeks in a rapidly changing playing field.

About Adrie

Adrie Dolman MSc from the Netherlands, famous for starting the database marketing revolution in the Netherlands in 1989. He has over 10 years experience providing Agile Marketing and Business Agility coaching. Adrie is also author of the Dutch book on Agile Marketing, nominated for the Marketing Book of the Year and the Marketing Literature Prize. He recently published his latest book Agile Coaching in Dutch and English.

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