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Eating Low Carb – What are the rules, and can it help you lose weight?
Episode 4828th October 2021 • The PJ Wellness Show • Coach Patrick
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Low carb can be lots of fun ... if you don't overdo it. The nice thing about it: everyone can have their own tailor-made plan ... Lose a lot or a little? Sweet or salty? Anything goes with low carb. Count calories? Forget about it! Only carbohydrates need to be reduced. Especially the bad ones made from sugar and white flour. How long? Everyone can decide for themselves.

This podcast follows up on my blog “Ready! Set! Low Carb!”

As you might have read already in my blog, the low-carb diet is very popular. But what exactly is behind this form of nutrition? In this podcast, I explain the concept and give you tips and ideas for implementing it in your everyday life.

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Follow this link for recipe ideas on how to make low-carb part of your healthy meal plan.

Here's a link to last week's podcast: How to lose weight and keep it off thanks to protein

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