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Soul Imprints: The Art of Transformation
Episode 14427th June 2022 • Impact the World with Lee Harris • Lee Harris
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In his introduction to this channeled message from his guides, The Z’s, Lee shares that he had been called to hold space for anxiety and overwhelm, and how to manage those experiences in the human body as they continue to be heightened for many on the planet at this time.

As is often their way, The Z’s seem to take us in a different direction as they lead a fascinating journey into our soul energy and the sometimes difficult process of integrating our soul imprints into our human experience. But as the transmission continues, they offer an in-depth look into how this very struggle is often at the root of our anxiety and overwhelm - and it is our ongoing efforts into allowing the flow of our soul into our body that lead to our transformation.

Supported throughout by the soul-soothing sound healing music of Davor Bozic.

“Just as your human body is going to continually transform every single day that you are alive, so too is your soul doing the same thing."

Running time: 42 minutes

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