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Blue Rupees Episode 23 - Overwatch on Switch, Our Favorite Digital Games, & Telltale's Back!
Episode 2329th August 2019 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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What’d you play: 00:02:40

What’d you buy: 00:15:25

Trivia: 00:27:00

MegaMan Zero collection announced... all on disk?: 00:42:35

Aladdin and Lion King game bundle physical release: 00:44:99

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate confirmed for PS4, Switch, PC: 00:46:35

Square Enix will have a ton to show at Tokyo Game Show: 00:48:15

Final Fantasy VIII remastered will NOT actually have a physical release: 00:54:00

Mortal Kombat cast revealed: 00:55:30

Dice Battlefield 5 5v5 Mode: 01:08:10

David’s Rant: Releasing Low Content Games: 01:10:10

Hero in Smash and GT Goku in DBFZ bans still being discussed: 01:13:40

Attempt to revive Telltale Games: 01:21:15

Bullshit: Overwatch on Switch?: 01:25:00

Your downloadable overlooked games: 01:33:15