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Navigating Life's Transitions as a Business Owner
Episode 435th February 2024 • Advance Your Wealth With Homer Smith • Homer Smith
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Life is full of transitions. Plain and simple.

However, one of the biggest transitions a business owner can make in their lifetime is the transition out of their business. In many instances, they've worked decades to build up this business and there are a variety of personal, financial, and emotional considerations at play.

In the latest episode of Advance Your Wealth, Homer explores the key decisions a business owner is faced with during this major milestone in their life.


0:00 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:01 - The major events in a business owner's life

3:55 - Transitioning to sell the business internally or externally

5:56 - I've sold my business. Now what?

8:57 - Transitioning family wealth to your heirs in a positive and strategic manner

12:17 - How to get in touch with Homer to discuss this topic individually

14:30 - Closing remarks

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