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Rachel Laven
Episode 918th August 2020 • Music at Three Pines: The Podcast • Brad Raley
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Those of you who have not heard Rachel Laven are in for a treat. While we were very quickly introduced at a music conference, we really first met her in our own home when she joined Emily Scott Robinson for our second house show. Rachel and Emily met at Kerrville and decided to do a mini-tour around Song School (Planet Bluegrass) and that included our little house show. From the very first note, we were Rachel Laven fans, and that has not gone away. We talk about her life in England this last year, her experience with the pandemic and her approach to songwriting.

You can find more information about Rachel at her website, and here are links to either support her work, or even to join her Patreon page.

Venmo: @Rachel-Laven-1