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Episode 105: J.P. Nerbun, Coaching Culture
Episode 10517th April 2020 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Episode 105: J.P. Nerbun, Coaching Culture

Guest:  J.P. Nerbun, Mentor, Writer, Coach, and Sports Consultant

J.P. Nerbun, mentor, writer, coach, and sports consultant. We dive into the difference between transformational coaching and transactional coaching, why labeling an athlete as “uncoachable” is more of a reflection on the coach than the athlete, and why every coach should be intentional about their “non-negotiables.”

J.P. has coached basketball in Ireland, Lithuania, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. While in Ireland, JP coached 30 teams in five years! That is a lot of time to learn a lot of lessons in coaching. In 2017, JP started Thrive On Challenge as a blog, and it grew into a sports consulting business. He supports leaders in sports all across the world, at the professional, collegiate, and youth level to grow as leaders and build transformational cultures. He also authored the book Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership and is the host of the Coaching Culture Podcast.


1:00 - Mentorship through his Experiences

3:00 - Practical things to Coaches

7:00 - Biggest Challenge as a Coach

12:00 - Resiliency

15:00 - The Impact of Technology

17:30 - Awareness

19:30 - Transformation Leadership

22:30 - Coach Standard

25:00 - Punishment vs Teaching Opportunity

26:30 - Progressive Consequences

30:00 - Basketball is a Privilege

31:30 - Establishing Consequences

33:30 - it's your Ship Book

37:00 - Meeting and Daily conversations

39:00 - Psychological Well-Being

41:00 - Fair and Equal to every Player

44:00 - Help Someone in his Program

46:30 - ERN (Encourage, Remind and Notify)

50:00 - After Care

52:00 - On-Court Synergy

55:00 - Common Shortcuts that We Should Avoid

58:30 - Warm up Drills

1:00:00 - Not Holding Kids to the High Standard

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