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An Entertainment Industry Pioneer: An Interview with Ellen Snortland
5th April 2021 • This Week in Business History • Supply Chain Now
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On this special episode of This Week in Business History, host Scott W. Luton interviews an entertainment industry trailblazer: Ellen Snortland. Ellen is a lawyer, teacher, coach, entrepreneur, celebrated author, long-time women's rights activist, self-defense instructor & many other things. Amongst many other positions, Ellen serves as a board member for the National Women's History Alliance, which helps fulfill her lifelong love of women's history.

In this wide-ranging, fascinating discussion, Ellen shares her incredible journey from helping her family survive a horrible, life-changing flood in South Dakota t0 forming the first all-female theater company in Santa Barbara, California - - and beyond!

Ellen discusses many of the obstacles & injustices that she has had to overcome in her career, as well as some of the lessons learned along the way, which she has shared with others. Ellen & Scott also discuss some of the heavy-lifting that still must be done today, so that truly those from all walks of life can have opportunities to chase their own passions and pursuits of happiness.

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