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I'm Living Proof: Wellness Is Trending Upwards
Episode 11st May 2021 • I'm Living Proof: A Letter to My Younger Self • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
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In our first episode of I’m Living Proof: A Letter to My Younger Self, we hear from Olivia, DBSA Young Adult Council member. Olivia’s letter to her younger self describes the challenges she had in confiding in others and asking for help. Olivia describes her journey towards wellness from hospitalization to her work with DBSA support groups. Her letter reminds us the path to wellness is not always a straight line but rather one that it is trending upwards.


DBSA Support Groups

DBSA offers support groups across the United States. Find out more about DBSA support groups here.

DBSA Young Adult Council

The DBSA Young Adult Council is a group of young adults (ages 18-30) who advise DBSA and create their own content to share with other young adults living with mood disorders. Find out more about the DBSA Young Adult Council (YAC) here.




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