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The Blueprint For A Badass Business with Jenifer Madson
Episode 915th December 2020 • Unf*ck My Business • Unfuck My Business
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"Those are the three, in my mind, the three currents of badassery in the first place: image, confidence, efficacy. If I can draw on those and nurture those and power those up, I can do anything."

What do motorcycles, Buddhism, sobriety, and ballroom dancing have in common? Well, if you're Jenifer Madson, they are part of the blueprint for leading a badass life. Jenifer drops some serious truth bombs about what she's learned running multiple six-figure businesses. She also gives some powerful insights on making a huge business pivot, executing an idea at lightning speed, and what it's like to be a +50 TikTok star!

In this episode: Chris Delaney, Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins, Jenifer Madson


More about Jenifer:

Jenifer Madson is the founder of Mindful Leaders Academy, which has served thousands of professionals around the world in becoming more measurably impactful leaders. She has also founded Badass Babes, a global community of everyday women supporting each other in living kickass lives! She has authored three books, loves ballroom dancing and motorcycles (yes she has her own), and recently returned home to Florida to kick some ass in the sun year-round! 

Connect with Jenifer:


IG: @jenifermadson 

TikTok: @badassbabeover50 



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