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The New Year Holiday with no kids: Lessons for 2022
Episode 11717th January 2022 • Transformations with Jayne • Jayne Nakata
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We sent our two kids (7 and 10) to visit their grandparents alone during the winter holiday and let’s just say it was amazing, but also eye opening as to just how much my life revolves around them and when they are not home, I struggled not to fall into the trap of filling the space with w.o.r.k.

Loads of shout outs on this episode! You can see some of the links below for the past guests I mentioned and also a big shout out to my friend Dhananji, one of the most caring and selfless people I know, @dhananjifernando too, who has yet to appear! 

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Jayne sent her kids to the grandparents house for a week 
  • What happened when there were no kids around - plot spoiler it wasn’t great!
  • Some things to work on this year around work and kids 
  • Why 2022 is not going to be rubbish, just because the first two weeks have been a bit “meh”

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