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Knowing Your Audience
Episode 1722nd February 2022 • THE AMPLIFII PODCAST • René Rodriguez
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WHO is your audience? Seems like a simple question, right? But this isn’t just about the titles of the people you’re speaking to. Understanding your audience is about understanding their situation and circumstance, where they came from and why they’re in front of you right now.

“When I say, ‘Who?’ I mean in all aspects. What are they feeling? What are they going through? What’s happening at their company? What’s happening to them personally?”

In this episode, René asks the questions you’ll need to ask so that you understand your audience and address them where they are, no matter whether you’re a public speaker, a sales executive, a parent, coach or just someone hoping to make an impact in your personal relationships. 

Don’t miss this crucial information to help Amplifii your influence!

Show Resources:

01:15 - Of COURSE I know my audience…don’t I?

01:36 - EVERYONE has an audience

02:52 - “Who” doesn’t mean their title

04:20 - What are the “hidden” audiences

05:50 - Asking the right questions

08:00 - Changing circumstances, change the audience

09:02 - Work WITH the circumstances, not against them

10:08 - Validate and reinforce your client/don’t make it about you

11:28 - What about the Business to Consumer world?

12:45 - How does Rene prepare for an event?

16:20 - Make sure you’re not speaking to strangers

18:55 - Sometimes the audience is the people who invited you

19:25 - END ON TIME!!!

20:20 - But what if you have MORE time?

23:10 - The audience is KEY

23:38 -

23:45 -