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Should I Rent or Should I Sell?
Episode 6810th February 2024 • WeAreTPM • Teixeira Property Management LLC
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In this episode, John and Kyle plunge into the perennial quandary faced by homeowners: whether to rent out or sell their property. As the real estate market continues to shift, listeners are offered a timely reevaluation of this critical decision. This episode promises to be an indispensable guide for anyone standing at this crossroads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Renting out your property can be significant step in wealth-building and retirement planning, especially if your current mortgage rate is below the market average.
  • The choice to rent or sell comes down to personal circumstances and whether one feels equipped to take on the responsibilities of being a landlord.
  • Military personnel can strategically use home purchases and rentals as a means to build an investment portfolio while serving.


  • "If you don't need the money, then you should rent." - John
  • "Most of us are very short-sighted and we think about what we want now, and we don't think about the future until the future hits us in the face." - John
  • "You ask yourself this every time you move, and you always answer with rent. In 30 years, you'll have a whole bunch of properties." - Kyle

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