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Episode 1 - What is Action Research (Pt. 1)
1st September 2020 • The Action Research Podcast • Adam Stieglitz & Joe Levitan
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In Episode 1 of The Action Research Podcast, Adam and Joe discuss and break down a couple of the most widely accepted definitions of action research. Through that discussion, they determine action research is: 1) Driven by social change; 2) Participatory and action-oriented; 3) Collaborative, and 4) Self-reflexive. Give a listen to learn more about what these characteristics mean in the context of of action research, both in theory and in practice.

If you are curious about the articles we discuss in this episode here are the citations:

Lonnie, R.L., Polush, E.U., Riel M., & Bruewer, A. (2015). Action researchers’ perspectives about the distinguishing characteristics of action research: a Delphi and learning circles mixed-methods study, Educational Action Research, 23(2), 243-270, DOI: 10.1080/09650792.2014.990987

Reason, P., & Bradbury, H. (Eds.). (2001). Handbook of action research: Participative inquiry and practice. Sage




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