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Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Caydence Cline, FFCP
Episode 48th March 2024 • The VetMed Mind • Veterinary Growth Partners
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In this episode of the VetMed Mind, Caydence Cline and Rachel Teichberg discuss the joys, challenges, and meaningful moments that come with sharing the veterinary journey within a familial context.

Caydence Cline, FFCP, embarked on her journey with the Arizona Animal Wellness Center in 2021. Even before stepping foot into AAWC, she harbored a passion for animals, inspired by her mother’s dedication to the center since 2014. Growing up amidst the bustling environment of the hospital, Caydence witnessed its evolution and success firsthand. She aims to jumpstart her college endeavors and explore various programs. Post-graduation, she has secured admission to NAU. Her story is not just inspiring in vetmed but also in the realm of perseverance, self improvement, and empowering others to pursue their dreams regardless of obstacles.

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