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Geopats Online - Stephanie Fuccio EPISODE 28, 29th December 2020
Back to China with Miicher of the China Chronicles
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Back to China with Miicher of the China Chronicles

Have you ever gone back to a place that you struggled being in the first time? Would you ever? Our guest in this episode is my dear friend Miicher and she did just that. The first time we chatted in December 2018 on Geopats Reflections we were both living in Shanghai, China. If I am honest, we were both ready to leave. However, after returning to Florida, USA, she had a change of mind and went back to China this Fall. I don't want to spoil what led her to this decision, what she's doing there or any other juicy details because she tells her story way better than I ever could. So have a listen to Miicher fill us in on what's happened for her over the past 2 years AND what she thinks of her 2018 China expat self in this reflective conversation. 

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