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Ep9: How to save time and get more sales by repurposing your content
Episode 915th November 2021 • Beyond the Kitchen Table (previously the Website Coach) • Marie Brown
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As entrepreneurs we don't have all the time in the world to spend writing social media posts or blogs that only get a few views.

The secret to writing posts which sell is to repurpose the treasure that is your blog posts, youTube video, Instagram lives, LinkedIn articles or similar. There's gold in that content. Gold which saves you time and effort.

This week's podcast is all about using those blog posts or other long form content and repurposing them.

[00:23] Introduction

[03:13] Time efficient

[04:12] Repurpose blog posts to build authority

[04:55] Greater reach

[05:51] Consistency

[07:01] Repurpose blog posts to get sales

[13:10] What else can you do?

[14:53] Recap


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