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What is Way Too Interested?
Trailer29th September 2021 • Way Too Interested • Gavin Purcell / LightningPod
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About the show

Way Too Interested is a new podcast where we talk to interesting people and ask them about a subject they’re currently obsessed with outside of their everyday lives. Then, the two of us talk to an expert in that subject matter and do a deep dive.

It’s a show about curiosity, discovery, creativity, and, most importantly, pursuing those little things that get stuck in your brain & end up being way more fascinating than you ever expected.

About Gavin Purcell

Gavin Purcell is an Emmy-winning showrunner, writer, and producer who's worked in television and digital media for over twenty years at places like The Tonight Show, Hulu, and Vox Media.

At some point along the way, he discovered his secret power: the ability to become fascinated with nearly anything.

After years of producing talent, Way Too Interested is his first attempt at being talent himself, which gives him hives just thinking about it.

He lives in Los Angeles with his family but you can find him most easily on Twitter @gavinpurcell.