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Yoga & Mental Health: A Conversation with Cindy Beers
Episode 1913th October 2021 • Highly Sensitive Healing • Tonya Rothe
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As HSPs too often we can feel isolated and misunderstood and this can leave us feeling lonely and can affect our self esteem and how we view ourselves and our place in the world.

Researchers are beginning to understand more about how yoga benefits our mental health and because we’re highly sensitive we need yoga teachers and other healers to be supportive of our unique needs as Highly Sensitive People.

Cindy Beers is an experienced yoga teacher, reiki healer, and author who specializes in the fields of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Stress.

She is committed to destigmatizing mental health and encourages us to talk about our mental well-being: our emotions, our thoughts and feelings, so we can improve our ability to solve problems and overcome difficulties, increase our social connections, and have the tools we need to cope with world around us.

Her published works include “Mindful Yoga for Teen Anxiety” and “Mindful Yoga for Adult Anxiety”  and is currently writing her next book, "Yoga for Mental Health."

Cindy's recommended resources:

Mental Health Test:

(NAMI) National Alliance on Mental Illness:

You can find Cindy here:

Yoga for Mental Health & Wellness

IG: @redheadyoga

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