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Holidays and Grief- Making Space for Both w/ Lori Mitchell -25
Episode 256th December 2022 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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Lori Mitchell has always been a deep listener and empath.  People seem to easily open up to her and find ease and freedom in her presence.  With encouragement from her parents, she joined the teaching profession immediately out of college and learned quickly how to reach struggling students academically, behaviourally, and emotionally. 

Creating interventional support for disadvantaged students became her passion.

After the loss of her younger brother, Lori’s ability to create a safe environment for students to be accepted as they are, and in turn flourish, only grew.  She not only understood trauma, she had lived it.  

When Lori met her soon-to-be husband, her spark for adventure and enthusiasm for life reignited.  They welcomed two boys into the world while stationed in Belgium.  They settled in Washington state after her husband retired from Army Active Duty in 2017.  The following fall, he died.  Since then, Lori has been solo-parenting two wonderfully active, fiercely independent, grieving children.  

Lori’s depth of knowledge in child development and intervention has allowed her the insight to help her children find positive ways to express grief, cope with separation anxiety, and to feel safe and loved.  

With her children’s needs and her own energetic capacity in mind, Lori began to reinvent her life.  She turned toward work that allowed for flexibility in schedule and workload.   She works as a Certified Digital Marketer, and now, Grief Coach.  Earning her Grief Coach and B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Facilitator Certification through the Confident Grief Coaching program has allowed her to realign her work with her passion for helping teens, children, and their parents. 

Hear more about Lori’s experiences and perspective on the Embracing Grief podcast, which she co-hosts.

Lori sees herself as a compassionate guide for moms who are living with layered and complicated loss while raising their children solo.

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