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We Can Regenerate! - With Finian Makepeace of 'Kiss The Ground'
Episode 217th March 2022 • We Are Carbon • Helen Fisher
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In this interview I'm joined by Finian Makepeace of 'Kiss The Ground' for a discussion all about regenerating our lands by understanding the role of soil within the bigger picture.

It really is a joyful topic focused on solutions that can be seen, over a short time, right at our feet!

Use the time stamps below to get a sense of what's included:

00:00 - Intro

01:18 - Start of Interview

02:58 - Why Focus on the Ground?

06:30 - Can Soil Help Regulate The Climate?

13:50 - Controlling Microclimates

15:19 - How Humans Depleted the Soil

17:34 - So, How Do We Regenerate?

22:42 - Life Begets Life!

23:32 - How Far Does the Impact Reach?

26:20 - Can We Make the Shift?

30:00 - Learn More From Finian & 'Kiss The Ground'

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