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Using Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Find Clients
Episode 5211th February 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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If you want a marketing strategy that requires little budget but is incredibly powerful, word of mouth marketing is for you. Also known as referral marketing, it’s one of the oldest marketing strategies and still one of the most effective.

Marketing your holistic business using word of mouth will help you build a strong foundation of trust around it.

Consider the last time you bought something recommended by a friend; this is a perfect example of referral marketing in practice. People naturally trust the opinion of family and friends when they are looking for something new.

Working as a practitioner, you already have a relationship with your clients because of the personal nature of your work. It’s this relationship you’re nurturing with referral marketing to help attract more clients like them to your door.

  • (02:09) Benefits of word-of-mouth marketing
  • (03:32) How to build your word-of-mouth marketing strategy - create amazing experiences
  • (05:02) Exceed expectations
  • (05:50) Build relationships
  • (06:22) Address issues immediately
  • (07:26) Collect testimonials
  • (08:25) Ask for referrals
  • (09:18) Get visible

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