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The One About Value Filtered Living
Episode 75th March 2020 • Adulting with Ebonie • Ebonie Allard
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Are you living a value filtered life?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have heard me talk about Value Filters and value filtered living… but what does that really mean?

In this episode, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing the story of the Value Filter System and how you can use it to create a life that feels good to you. 

Listen on for:

  • What values really are (you might be surprised!) and how they intertwine with your beliefs
  • What the Value Filter System is, and what value filtered living really means
  • The two types of beliefs you have, and how to make sure you’re focusing on the ones that will support your growth
  • A peek at my Value Filter and how it came to be
  • The fundamental difference between human needs and human values
  • The truth about what you’re seeking, the expression of your masculine energy, and the expression of your feminine energy
  • How to find your “yes” and your “no”

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