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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 64, 16th May 2021
Ethical Bedding with Colin McIntosh from Sheets & Giggles
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Ethical Bedding with Colin McIntosh from Sheets & Giggles

My next guest is someone I discovered online and knew that our missions were totally aligned.

Colin Mcintosh is the CEO of Sheets & Giggles - a sustainable bedding company that makes sheets from Eucalyptus trees grown on sustainably managed and biodiverse farms. Also for every tree harvested, two more are planted. Their ethical business model means they give back to the community through donations to World Wildlife fund, COVID-19 relief and non-profits in their local communities.

Whilst Colin and I were all about the sheet, we both have a passion for making a difference and spreading collective change globally. I hope this episode changes some of your perspectives around the way you spend your money.

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