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Use Live Streaming to Build Your Email List with StreamYard's Head of Marketing, Daniel Glickman
Episode 7210th March 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Live video is where it’s at right now, guys.

But how can you use it to gain tonnes of new fans and build your email list?

Today, we’re talking to none other than Daniel Glickman, the Head of Marketing over at Streamyard.

If you haven’t yet heard of Streamyard (i.e you’ve been living under a rock), this is the fastest growing and largest browser-based live streaming solution for businesses. In 2020, they did over 9 MILLION broadcasts…which is almost as many as we did.

Daniel is here to share some of his best tips for creating brilliant live streams that get more fans onto your email list.

So, if you’ve been wondering whether or not live streams are something worth bothering with for your business, this episode is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Use Live Streaming to Build Your Email List with StreamYard's Head of Marketing, Daniel Glickman

Episode Content

  • (02:40) Two truths and a lie about our latest guest. Can Rob guess what it is?
  • (05:27) The first reason why live streams could be great for your business.  
  • (06:53) If it works for the Kardashians……
  • (07:19) The third reason lives are great and this one is super important
  • (07:59) When Kennedy first started going live, it didn’t go as great as he’d hoped. Why?
  • (08:29) How to help the good ole’ algorithm and get shown to more people
  • (09:59) What are the best types of engagement for live streams?
  • (11:55) How and when can you send people to your list using the live streams?
  • (13:19) This tip is genius, yet super simple
  • (14:08) Wait…there’s a way to automate this next tip? We’re all ears!
  • (14:53) How Kennedy likes gets people to sign up to our lead magnets…and it works well
  • (15:20) Do longer lives perform better than shorter lives?
  •  (17:21) Do NOT try to do this
  • (17:45) Adding outbound links…good or bad? 
  • (19:15) Why anyone can now do awesome live streams 
  • (20:00) How a horrific typo in a subject line created an incredible open rate

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