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307 | "Public Transport Reimagined" with Johan Haveland from Asistobe
Episode 3078th January 2024 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. "Early Entrepreneurial Drive": Johan Haveland, founder of Asistobe, shares his early entrepreneurial journey, instilled by his father. He recounts humorous childhood ventures, highlighting the roots of his entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. "Transition to Full Ownership": Johan discusses his transition from participating in various startups to fully owning Asistobe. It reflects his first venture where ideas, decisions, and success depend entirely on his leadership.
  3. "Challenges in Public Transport Optimization": Johan opens up about the struggles in launching Asistobe, focusing on the complexities of optimizing public transport systems, raising capital, and the uphill battle of convincing traditional sectors to adopt innovative technology.

✍️ Episode Summary:

Johan Haveland, the founder of Asistobe, takes listeners on a journey through his early entrepreneurial endeavors, shaped by his father's influence. From a successful lemonade stand to crafting wooden trolls, Johan's childhood experiences laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit.

The discussion moves to Johan's adulthood, where he transitioned from being part of startups to taking full ownership with Asistobe. He reflects on the challenges of steering a business where every decision rests on his shoulders, marking a shift from his earlier roles.

Johan delves into the struggles of launching Asistobe, particularly in the realm of public transport optimization. The complexities of planning and optimizing public transport systems are unveiled, emphasizing the absence of suitable software in the market. Johan shares insights into the hurdles of raising capital, competing with established consultancies, and the mission-like endeavor of convincing traditional sectors to embrace innovative technology.


00:00 Intro

00:09 Johan's Early Entrepreneurial Journey

02:09 Transition to Larger Businesses and Startups

02:40 The Birth of Asistobe

02:55 Challenges and Struggles in Asistobe

03:42 Raising Capital and Market Fit

04:45 Ideal Users and Adoption of Asistobe

06:14 Breaking into the Market

07:02 Persistence and Future of Asistobe

08:12 Contact Johan

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