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Social Media Reveals Crypto's Secrets
Episode 1418th October 2021 • Inside Crypto •
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Hello excited crypto geeks, investors and whales. Welcome back to the show where we meet real people in crypto. People who are involved with some of the hottest projects out there and regular people like yourselves. We want to hear your stories, so if you are interested in being on the show. Don’t forget to contact us through social media or email me directly. Welcome to the fourteenth episode of the Inside Crypto Podcast. This episode was recorded on October 11th 2021. Today we are joined by Rad, one of the lead developers behind the organization redseacrypto. He used to work for a large media organization that we can’t name but in the course of that work came across something exciting. You don’t want to miss this episode because it will most likely turn the way you invest in crypto on its head. Thanks everyone for listening and don’t forget to tune in next week where we meet someone else and get their insights into the fascinating world of crypto.

Questions Asked Today:

1.    Why did you choose the name redsea?

2.    Why use social media as a market predictor?

3.    Why did you attempt this idea twice?

4.    How did the idea for this platform come about?

5.    What advice do you have for people in the crypto space?

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