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Playing in Community with Thomas Hoeller
Episode 511th March 2022 • Resonant Rest • Grounded Futures
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"I love basic income. I really believe in it. What would you do if you had, you know, even like, $1,000 a month? [. . .] I feel like we'd be able to follow what we actually want to do as artists more freely. You know, I would gladly can the grant system and just have a basic income for everybody."

A guitarist, recording engineer, and producer with a fondness for tinkering, Thomas Hoeller joins host Oceaan Pendharkar for this episode of the Resonant Rest podcast,

A collaborator at heart, Thomas shares how cultivating musical friendships feeds his growth as an artist. He speaks about developing his practice, making a shift towards recording and producing, and dreaming of an economic system that would support people’s basic needs and create space for art-making.

A special thank you to Thomas for his work supporting the post-production of this show!




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