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S0211 The Turn Of The Screw Part 2
Episode 117th November 2020 • Classic Ghost Stories • Tony Walker
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S0211 The Turn Of The Screw Part 2

I'm not going to say much. James's parenthetical insertions of information interrupt the flow of his sentences. He says something, the elaborates on it, then elaborates on that and sometimes elaborates on that as if his thoughts are sparking tangentially. He always comes back to the main matter, but it makes it hard to read out.

That being moaned about, the story is good. He foreshadows well and creates foreboding.

" It may be, of course, above all, that what suddenly broke into this gives the previous time a charm of stillness—that hush in which something gathers or crouches. The change was actually like the spring of a beast."

Nothing has yet happened, but he warns us that it soon will, and we tense up waiting for it.

Then he describes a blissful summer evening's walk in the park which is interrupted by her seeing Quint (though she doesn't yet know his name) in the tower. The fact that it is on a beautiful summer night rather than a rainswept Gothic nighttime is well-done and serves to heighten the drama, I think.

He ends each chapter with a good cliffhanger.

- I wondered why...she was scared.
- Mr Quint is .... dead.

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