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380: Dr Terrance Ruth NCSU Professor
29th January 2024 • Education On Fire - Sharing creative and inspiring learning in our schools • Mark Taylor
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Dr. Terrance Ruth received his PhD in Public Affairs from the University of Central Florida. He received his master's in education from Nova Southeastern University and his BA from Oglethorpe University. Dr. Ruth completed a national fellowship through Boston College with a certification in nonprofit leadership.

Dr. Ruth is an advocate for public education, once serving as a teacher, principal and the parent of a son who attends public schools in Wake County. As a former Administrator for Wake County Public Schools who now serves as an Education Consultant to numerous nonprofits. Dr. Ruth sits on several statewide boards.

Dr. Ruth led social justice organizations at the national, state, and local levels with a reputation for being the implementation expert. He served as the NC NAACP Executive Director under Dr. Barber and Dr. Spearman and has served as National Director of Programming for the Repairers of the Breach. Recently he partnered with United Way of the Triangle to launch a community investment fund for local community organizers.

Dr. Ruth has work in K-12 schools across Florida and in Wake County. Currently, Terrance is a Professor at NCSU and is the former President of the Justice Love Foundation. He is deeply engaged in diversity, equity, and inclusion work across the city of Raleigh and the Triangle. You can find more information at Dr. Ruth was a Raleigh Mayoral Candidate for November 2022.

Dr. Ruth is leading a coalition of leaders to engage in local solutions through impact investing, design thinking, and creative collaborations. Right now, he is facilitating a process to increase the use of faith-based assets in improving the affordable housing stock. He is also working with United Way of the Triangle to offer a human centered design lens to the philanthropic network in the Triangle.


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