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#73: Measuring and Maintaining the Success of Your Book Post-Launch
Episode 739th November 2021 • The Book Marketing Action Podcast • Weaving Influence
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Today's episode focuses on how to measure and maintain the success of your book after it has launched. According to Arthur Woods, social entrepreneur and co-author of Hiring for Diversity, building a great team, great partnerships, and a great community around your book is a crucial part of the marketing journey. He shares his experience writing Hiring for Diversity on a tight schedule, the unique approach he and his co-author took to writing it, and how he has continued to share the book with the world. During the episode, Arthur also shares:

  • A little bit about himself, his work, and his book, Hiring for Diversity.
  • Some of the psychological barriers that people face as they move toward a book project.
  • The strategy he and his co-author used when writing Hiring for Diversity, called the waterfall approach.
  • What he enjoyed about having an external deadline while writing his book.
  • How he planned his launch and what his approach to the launch strategy was. 
  • How he continues to measure the success of his launch, and how he is continuing to build a community around the book.
  • The importance of Amazon reviews and how they have been going since the launch of Hiring for Diversity

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